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At Strobel Design Build, we want to make sure our customers know who they will be working with. This month, we are featuring Master Craftsman Andy Reitwiesner. Andy is the longest-running employee on our team, with over 20 years of dedication to his position at Strobel Design Build. Find out all about Andy’s professional history and how he got started on the Strobel Design Build team below:

Can You Tell Me About Your Professional History Predating Your Start with Strobel Design Build?

Half of Andy’s career has been working with Strobel Design Build. Before starting with Strobel Design Build, Andy had around 25 years of remodeling experience. Andy notes that carpentry in Florida is only slightly different than the work he has done up north due to the implementation of hurricane safety measures and termite damage repair. 

What Drew You to the Construction Field?

Andy started in construction when a friend of his referred him to a company in northern Maryland where he completed a four-year apprenticeship. He began primarily in commercial construction and then eventually worked in residential construction for several years before ultimately working for Strobel Design Build full time. 

How Did You Get Started with Strobel Design Build?

Andy came to Florida on vacation in July of 2000. He and his family were driving around St. Petersburg when he ran into a contractor that had the NARI logo on his truck. At the time, he had his CLC license so he approached the contractor, who then told him to reach out to Don Strobel, the founder of Strobel Design Build. Later on that trip, Andy paid a visit to Don at Strobel Design Build’s office in the Warehouse Arts District. Don told Andy that at some point in the near future there would likely be a position for him on Strobel Design Build’s team. A month and a half later, Don called Andy at his home in Maryland and asked him to come work with the team. Within a few weeks, Andy had made the drive from Maryland and on October 18, 2000, he started his first day at Strobel Design Build. He has been with us ever since. Andy says “he hasn’t regretted it yet.”

What Do You Like Most About Being on the Strobel Design Build Team?

Andy says his favorite thing about working for Strobel Design Build is the people he’s had the pleasure of working with. From subcontractors all the way up to Don himself and now Mark, Andy has enjoyed his relationship with the Strobel Design Build team. He appreciates the amount of trust he feels from management and his coworkers.

What Do You Most Enjoy Doing Outside of Work?

Every time Andy would visit Florida before his employment at Strobel Design Build, he and his wife would buy a 2-week pass to Disney and spend most of their trip enjoying the various parks. Andy says one of the main perks of moving to Florida was that he could go to Disney with his family as often as they wanted. In fact, while working at Strobel Design Build, Andy and his wife were also employed as Attraction Hosts at Disney for more than 10 years. Today he enjoys the benefits of lifetime passes for himself and his family members.