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Historic Renovations

Bringing a home back to life and adding modern functionality is what our company started doing over 30 years ago.

Historic renovations are some of the most satisfying projects our team works on. The team at Strobel Design Build will work to preserve your historic home’s true nature and original construction while adding a modern functionality that makes the house work for you.

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Do Some Research

Before you begin your historic renovation, it might be a good idea to do some research on your home. That way, once renovation plans begin, you will have an understanding of how you can implement the historical elements into your renovation.

Appliance Updates

Some of the most common updates in historic renovations are to the heating, plumbing, insulation, and electricity in your home. These updates are not visible for the most part but can make a big difference in how comfortable your home will be once your historic renovation is finished.

Preserve Your Home’s History

When Strobel Design Build takes on your historic renovation, we will work with you to preserve the historic elements that give your home its charm, while making modern renovations to make your home functional.

Modern Functionality

Keeping the historic charm of your home does not mean giving up a feeling of luxury and functionality. Modern life is different than it was before, and homes with various small, individual rooms do not work anymore. The team at Strobel Design Build can work with you to open up your historic home so that it is functional for today’s modern world.

Historic Renovations the Right Way

  • More space for you and your family
  • More square footage means more value for your home
  • Home additions can add luxury to your existing home
  • The possibilites are endless
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