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Condo Renovations

Our team at Strobel Design Build will transform your condo and incorporate unique and modern elements that will lead to a look and feel that you love.

Renovating a condo is not the same as renovating a house or a commercial property. That’s why it is important to find a contractor that specializes in condo renovations, like Strobel Design Build.

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When renovating your condo, it is important to take into consideration which design elements will work with your lifestyle. Consider which rooms you spend a majority of your time in, and how your entire space can be renovated to fit your needs. When working with the team at Strobel Design Build on your condo renovation, we will work hard to ensure every aspect of your renovation enhances your living experience and makes every day a personal paradise.

One of the most common struggles we see clients face is that the more permanent fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, and stoves, may not be able to be moved during a condo renovation. However, this does not mean that our clients cannot change the entire look of their condos. Our team specializes in working with clients to pick the right finishing materials, tiles, and even adjust counter heights to create the condo of their dreams while working around the permanent fixtures and appliances.

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Other Options to Consider During Your Condo Renovation

Finding the right lighting fixture can set the tone of an entire room
The right color choice can add just the right amount of “drama” to your condo
Make sure your design looks great AND is functional in real life

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