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Coastal Remodels

Strobel Design Build has been a leader in navigating the complex process of coastal remodeling for many years.

For many homes near the water, remodeling in a FEMA flood zone is a reality. Our team at Strobel Design Build has remodeled hundreds of FEMA-zone homes and know what it takes to design a project that complies with FEMA regulations while giving you the greatest value at the highest quality.

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Building Above the Base Flood Elevation

When remodeling in a flood zone, there are building codes and requirements that revolve around a regulation known as the Base Flood Elevation, which is determined by which FEMA flood zone your home is in. Your home’s Base Flood Elevation number will determine whether your remodel will have a first-floor living space or whether you will be required to build higher.

FEMA Flood Zones

Flood Zone A

Homes next to rivers in Flood Zone A are categorized as homes located close enough to water that a flood will reach the front door during a storm surge. Homes next to rivers, waterways, channels, and some lakes appear in Flood Zone A. Residents living in Flood Zone A can build a single-story home, but it must be at or above the Base Flood Elevation. Additionally, they can remodel up to 50% of the value of the home.

The team at Strobel Design Build is qualified to remodel your FEMA flood zone home. We know that living in a flood zone should not limit your ability to have your dream home, which is why we comply with FEMA regulations while remaining committed to giving you the luxury home of your dreams.

Flood Zone V

Homes in Flood Zone V, or velocity zones, are categorized as homes directly occupy beaches and major waterways. Wave velocity will impact these homes and the storm surges often occur during hurricanes which can be a great threat to Zone V homes. These homes are located below the Base Flood Elevation and will be required to be built above it.

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