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Out with the old and in with the new…especially when it comes to your home appliances. Get rid of those rusty, outdated ovens and spice up your kitchen with the latest in appliance technology. From Bluetooth-controlled ovens to your very own microbrewery, our experts at Strobel Design Build have put together a guide containing the top trending home appliances of 2017.
Bluetooth Equipped Convectional Ovens

GE oven

(Pic: via GE Appliances’)

Lately, we have been raving over GE Appliances’ chic French-door single convection oven. These French doors aren’t just aesthetically pleasing – they are equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to control the oven’s functions directly from your smartphone. With this new technology, you can now save time on cooking dinner by preheating the oven via your phone on your way home from work. How is that for convenience?!

White Appliances


White is the new stainless. Inspired by the glossy finish of smartphones, Whirlpool has released their Ice Collection appliances that give a fresh and clean feel to any kitchen. Plus, an all-white kitchen can make smaller spaces appear larger! To achieve the ultimate modern look, pair the Ice Collection with Wellborn Cabinet’s Bishop door style with a white finish. If you prefer a darker kitchen, the Ice Collection also has black variations of the appliances!

Personal Brewery


Craft beer enthusiasts – you can now brew any style beer you’d like with your very own microbrewery. PicoBrew has released a personal craft beer brewery that allows you to brew 5 liters of fresh beer right from the comfort of your home. The process, which you can track from your smartphone app, takes only a couple hours with a fermentation and chilling period of 7-10 days. Once it is perfected, be sure to invite all your craft-beer-loving friends over to show off your delicious concoctions…and your beautiful kitchen! 

Pet Center


(Pic: via Wellborn)

Although this is not quite an appliance, those of you who have furry friends in the family know how finding space to incorporate your pet’s necessities in an appealing way can be difficult. Wellborn Cabinets has a beautiful solution by having a pet center in your laundry room! This will help you keep all the not-so-pretty items hidden away out of sight, yet conveniently organized. Our designers can take this a step further by installing a ‘feeding center’ inside the cabinetry too – the possibilities are endless.

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens are increasing in popularity because they offer great flexibility when cooking a range of diverse foods. With a steam oven, you can bake breads, set custards, bring back to life your leftovers by restoring its moisture, and so much more. Our great option is Wolf Convection Steam Oven because of how intelligent this combined oven is. Its one-of-a-kind technology can sense the size of the food you are cooking (or steaming) and automatically adjusts the temperature and set cooking time so your dish comes out just the way you want it. Better yet, you can also input the time you want your food to be ready, and the oven will take it from there!

With these tech-savvy appliances, we can design a smart home customized to your lifestyle! For any design build inquiries, feel free to send an email to or call our design center at 727.321.5588 to schedule a design consultation.