Top 8 Home Design Trends of 2016

By February 26, 2016September 19th, 2018Design Trends, Design-Build

Trends come and go. While there are many trends that we, at Strobel Design Build, are incredibly pleased to have gone out of style (read: carpeted bathrooms), there are certainly some trends that are longer lasting. The design experts at Strobel Design Build have picked out the trends they have incorporated into projects in 2015 (below) and foresee continuing for many years. Continue reading for the Strobel team’s Top 8 Home Design Trends of 2016!

1. White-on-White Spaces

Historic Old Northeast bathroom addition

In 2016, prominently white kitchens and bathrooms will continue to gain popularity. White cabinets paired with white countertops and backsplashes create a seamless look. The white kitchen generates a clean, bright, and even larger space…perfect for all the group gatherings in the room that has become the heart of the home.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Living

Remodel in Bayway Isles, St. Petersburg, FL

Located in ever-sunny St. Petersburg, Florida, the design experts at Strobel Design Build are well versed in indoor/outdoor living spaces! The indoor/outdoor living space trend allows for a smooth flow from the indoor living space to the outdoor. Imagine sliding glass doors, or double-French doors, that open up onto a covered sitting area with a fireplace and television.

3. Hardwood Flooring Throughout

Historic Old Northeast home with gleaming hardwood throughout

While hardwood flooring alone is not a new trend, hardwood flooring throughout an extensive area is increasing in popularity. Hardwood flooring is now being installed more frequently in the kitchen and then expanding into the dining and living rooms. Also, the color choice of the flooring is evolving from lighter to darker, and sometimes gray-toned stains.

4. Light Cabinetry Colors

Old Clearwater, FL home built in 1925 – Bathrooms were kept true to their original design motif

As noted above in the white-on-white kitchen trend, 2016 will see an increase in the preference of light-colored cabinetry. Despite if it is the kitchen or bathroom, a lighter cabinet color, such as an off-white or gray, can create a brighter and more open space. Another cabinetry trend is floor-to-ceiling cabinets in kitchens—easily allowing you a place to hide utensils and gadgets.

5. Custom Built-Ins

Custom addition in North St. Petersburg, FL

Strobel Design Build has seen its fair amount of original, 1920s built-in storage features in historic home remodeling projects in St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida. This trend is making its way full-circle as 2016 will see more homes incorporating custom built-in storage spaces, especially in laundry rooms and home offices.

6. Polished Chrome Fixtures

Transitional bathroom in Northeast St. Petersburg, FL – ROHL polished chrome fixtures

Once overlooked, the finish on plumbing fixtures is an important design element in kitchens and bathrooms. A home design trend that is continuing into 2016 will be polished chrome plumbing fixtures. This finish can match both contemporary and classic design elements in a room.

7. Reclaimed Wood

Custom-made reclaimed wood barn/closet doors in Pass-a-Grille Beach, FL

The reclaimed wood trend can be implemented in a home in a variety of ways. First, instead of replacing old hardwood floors because you may not like the finish, they could be refinished and then re-stained. Second, reclaimed lumber could be used to create barn doors, a dining room table, or statement wall. Leave it to the experts to determine if reclaimed wood is safe to use in your home.

8. Lively Tiles

Kitchen remodel in Bayway Isles, St. Petersburg, FL – Glass and Slate Series backsplash

Enthusiastic tiles will begin to spread throughout the home in 2016. Not only will we see these bright and intricate tiles in kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, we will see them as flooring and for fireplace mantles.

Did we miss your favorite home design trend? Let us know! And stay tuned for next week’s blog when the Strobel Design Build experts share about their trip to the 2016 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas!