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You know how people say, “new year, new you?” Well, here at Strobel, we think you’re perfect. Your home on the other hand, may need some renovations! To help you start off the new year with your home in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top five new home trends of 2018.


That’s right! One trend that’s here to stay in 2018 is the popular industrial steel look that made its way into many kitchens last year. But like most comebacks, the look has changed for the new year. The typical gold and silver appliances that were found in kitchens across the country last year have been swapped for rose gold, metallic and brass accents. These metals can add warmth to your kitchen along with a chic, modern feel. Here at Strobel Design Build, our designers are always ready and willing to take on the kitchen of your dreams.



 We’ve seen statement walls, color-blocked living rooms and eccentric light fixtures, but we have yet to see standout floors… until now. Interior designers are forecasting floor patterns as the latest trend in house customization. Whether it’s a delicate paisley pattern or an abstract tone on tone design, Strobel Design Build can tailor your house to your needs.


 The bathroom is a place in a home where comfort should not be compromised for taste. One of our favorite trends for 2018 is the spa-like bathroom. The incorporation of light-colored stone, like marble and tile, adds a serenity to a bathroom that could only equate to the tranquility found within the walls of your favorite spa. At Strobel Design Build, we pride ourselves on our ability to construct the most unique bathrooms. We make sure that everyone on our design team, from our contractor to our master craftsman, puts in the work needed to ensure your bathroom is your much deserved hide-away.



Pantone, the lead authority of color creation and design application, recently announced ultra violet purple as the 2018 color of the year. This particular shade of purple is categorized as a color that fosters originality and thoughtfulness in a decorative world that is often ruled by earth-tones and neutral palettes. Although we still believe that the latter can add warmth to your space, we at Strobel Design Build challenge you to look outside of your comfort zone. Bright colors can create the final touch of transformation your room may need. Yellow, green and orange are a few hues that are sure to create buzz in the interior design realm.


We may have a solution to incorporating more greens into your new year…houseplants! Pinterest tags with exotic plants and colorful leaf patterns have spiked as it relates to an unconventional in-house decoration. Houseplants can be a simple and affordable solution to adding more color into your home or breathing new life into areas of the house that need some love.