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The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has recognized Strobel Design Build for our expertise and professionalism. Aimed at the growth and promotion of the remodeling industry, NARI identifies the best in the industry with various Contractor of the Year awards each year. Projects are awarded by the national association, as well as its regional and local chapters. Wrapping up an already eventful January, we are so incredibly honored to have been awarded 3 first place regional awards and five first place local awards for some of our projects completed in the past calendar year! The national award winners will be announced in April. We cannot wait to share these award-winning projects with you. We’ll begin with the most extensive award-winning project: First place regional winner for Residential Historical Renovation/Restoration $250,000 and over.

Now here’s a rundown of what our expert team tackled during the yearlong project.

The historic home was was built in 1920 as a rehabilitation facility for World War II soldiers, and has undergone some renovations during its lifespan. However, due to its expansive size, many of its previous owners have not wanted to undertake major renovations. Our client who recently bought the home, indicated his goal was to “make the home last another 100 years.” The owner did not want to tear down the home entirely because of its unique history and beauty which meant a lot of dedication and time would be needed for this three-story masterpiece.

The project started off with the difficult task of cutting into the 96 year-old walls in order for re-piping the outdated plumbing and wiring new electrical. This followed with rebuilding, sanding, and painting all 8,700 square inches of the property inside and out, while keeping in mind our clients other wish to make rooms “art friendly” and brighter.


The next mission was to renovate the 55 windows, 15 patio doors, and the overall exterior of the house. The old windows and doors were replaced with impact-resistant Kolbe products, allowing for higher safety with potential Florida storms and decreasing AC loss from the home.


Since our client wanted a to preserve the home’s original look while making it more durable, we fastened rot free AZEK cellular trim boards to the current structure. We also built an AZEK deck above the flat roof giving the home a new great place for additional entertainment.
All six of the home’s bathrooms were completely renovated with a period tile design giving a cleaner, yet modern touch. To ensure unity throughout all the bathrooms, as would have been done in its original state, we used the same tile accents, plumbing fixtures, and cabinets. To improve the structures of the showers, all tiling within was coated with a Hydro-ban waterproof base.

For the master suite, the outdated shower was transformed into a curb-less shower with a linear “tile in” drain which helped make the space feel more open.



By moving the location of the interior doors and adding more light fixtures to each room, we could achieve our client’s need for art friendly space. The open space allows for the homeowner to display art without feeling cluttered.


As expected with historic home renovations, unexpected obstacles always arise. However, we overcame the challenges and were able to transform this property into a state-of-the-art home without losing its charm. We are beyond proud to say we were a part of this challenging project and even more proud to be recognized by NARI for our work. Most importantly, our client was overjoyed by the outcome and is excited to use the newly renovated space to entertain guests or to simply relax.