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Many people may hear the words spring cleaning and feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, resolutions don’t just have to be set for New Years. At Strobel Design Build, we’re here to help make spring cleaning reorganization in your home easy, resulting in a clutter-free remainder of 2017!


The living room of many homes are typically an integral part of their life – hence the name! But so often, everyday tasks and responsibilities can keep the thought of living room maintenance on the back burner. Days go on and before you know it, the living room, that was once a place of relaxation, is now unlivable. Treat spring cleaning like a blank slate for your living room. It’s a great opportunity not only to tidy up, but reorganize a place in the home meant for living – and the enjoyment of doing so!

First, you’ve got to evaluate and understand the function of your unique living room. What is its primary function? Do you entertain in it often? Is it a formal room or family place? Understanding the wear and tear that the living room undergoes over the course of a year is the first step to its organization. We suggest starting your rearrangement with a bird’s eye view. Our interior design experts can design a new room entirely, or even assist you in space planning of your current space. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect when it comes time to move some furniture. To incorporate new storage options into your living room, we’ll work with you to determine the space saving cabinetry solutions best fit for your room and lifestyle. At the end of the day, have fun with it, it’s an opportunity to bring new life to one of the most vital rooms in your home!


When times get busy, it seems the first room in the house to face neglect is the kitchen. It’s a space that’s heavy with traffic, cluttered with equipment and inclined to become messy. Regular maintenance isn’t always possible, so give yourself (and your kitchen) a fighting chance this spring with some of these rearrangement tips!


Group items by function

If you entertain regularly or have a large family with a lot of mouths to feed, dinner time can be a ton to handle. Store cutlery, cutting boards, serving plates and finer dishware closer to the sink for an easier cleanup! Make lunch time a smoother process by storing Tupperware, plastic bags and lunch boxes closer to the pantry. And obviously busy mornings could use a hand – keep your coffee mugs, coffee maker, and other breakfast essentials like the toaster next to the refrigerator. You may find yourself finishing breakfast without leaving the same spot on the counter!



While we’re on the topic of makeovers, it’s an ideal time to start taking steps towards those home additions that you’ve been putting off. By beginning home addition projects in the spring, you’ll have new functional square footage ready for all your guests by the time the holidays come. On top of the exciting concept of new living space, additions are a proven method for adding value to your home. To schedule a consultation with our team, simply email, or call 727-321-5588 – We can’t wait to make your home as functional as it is beautiful!