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Strobel Design Build is proud to feature Wellborn Cabinets, one of the many brands our designers use in home remodels. They can provide cabinets and fixtures for a variety of areas in the home ranging from kitchens and bathrooms, to mud rooms and garages. The Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association, or KCMA, has confirmed that Wellborn meets the quality standards for their organization.


Wellborn has been helping improve kitchen and bath spaces for 50 years. This company is unique in that it is a family owned and operated company based out of Ashland, Alabama. Moreover, all of Wellborn’s products are American made. Due to its proximity to the Tampa Bay area, most of Wellborn’s products typically take three weeks for production and delivery to the site. This delivery time is also a pleasant surprise for homeowners and remodelers alike, and is extremely beneficial for remodels on a tight schedule.

Together with the homeowners, we are able to choose from a wide selection of grain patterns, material finishes, textures, and color variations such as hickory, red oak, maple, and cherry. This process is essential in creating a design that makes the homeowner’s dream a reality.

Wellborn has six different product lines that the buyer can choose from. These include the Estate Collection, Wellborn Premiere, Select Series, Home Concepts, Designer Vanity Suites, Elegant Bath, and Wellborn Closets. Each line differs in price-point, as well as what is included in the purchase. The majority of Wellborn cabinets have a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring your happiness for years to come.

The Estate Collection is Wellborn’s top of the line option. This collection features soft-close drawers and doors, shaped drawers, full ¾” plywood box, and 300,000 door styles!

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The Wellborn Premiere Collection has an extensive selection of stains, paints with glaze, as well as finishing options. There are also 5/8” wood dovetail drawers for durability.

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The Select Series is a good option for those looking for a more modest remodel. There are standard options and great selections.

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The Home Concepts line has 75 door styles and finishes. This offers affordable options with still great quality. This is the only collection that differs from the norm and has only a year’s warranty.

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The Designer Vanity Suites let homeowners express their individual style. This comes with wall mount suites and matching decorative mirrors.


The Elegant Bath allows the homeowner to choose from a modern, classic, or traditional styles. This offers both traditional overlay as well as full overlay and inset door styles.

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The Wellborn Closets collection has the option of having frameless construction which makes more space for storage, with over 600 door styles to choose from.

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Customization is what helps ensure that the homeowner gets the most out of their remodel. Many of the cabinet options at Wellborn can be semi-customized. Through this process, the designers at Strobel Design Build work with the homeowners to decide what cabinets and style best fit their needs. Some variations include fully finished interiors, inverted frames, reduced depth, functional ends, wide bottom ends, and scoop top-drawer boxes. For fully customizable Wellborn cabinets, our designers utilize the You Draw It program. You Draw It allows us to have complete control over cabinet design! Need custom cabinetry to surround the hood in your kitchen, your new walk-in closet or home office? You Draw It could be the way to go!

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Strobel Design Build strives to provide its clients with the best quality products on the market, whether they are Wellborn Cabinets, or another manufacturer’s products. Strobel has the ability to customize its design services to a client’s specifications, ensuring a quality design that meets the homeowner’s expectations.