Strobel Maximizing Small Spaces

By May 27, 2016June 29th, 2018Design Trends


The idea of “tiny living” is becoming increasingly more popular in the limelight. Be it a tiny home, or wanting to maximize space in an additional area of the home, people in St. Petersburg are adopting the “less is more” mindset and that means having to maximize storage for small spaces. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean your style has to be as well. The design experts at Strobel Design Build have solutions to maintain stylish decor and a comfortable lifestyle in a smaller area.Strobel


Lofts are a great way to maximize the amount of floor space that is available for furniture. At Strobel Design Build we recently built a loft bed above the bathroom space in an efficient small studio apartment. This really opens the space up. By constructing a raised kitchen floor, we created a space to insert a hideaway pullout queen size bed.


Folding Table

A fold out table is a great idea for a convertible small space furniture piece. When not in-use, the table can easily be folded down. This makes for more walkable space for guests, especially when you are hosting get-togethers. The best part of this concept is that fold out tables come in many different sizes that can fit all your needs. Larger fold out desks or tables require additional legs for support, whereas the smaller tables simply use a support beam.

Roll out Storage

A typical concern of smaller spaces is that you won’t have enough storage for your belongings – Don’t fret! You can still have both beautiful furniture and ample storage space for your necessary items. The solution is to use drawers on wheels that can be tucked underneath the furniture. Depending on the rest of the decor, this could remain a natural wood color or be painted to coordinate with the color scheme of the room.

Stair Storage or Ladders

In small living spaces, it is common to see different living levels to accommodate a loft space. While stairs can be a beautiful addition to a home, they are at times not practical for some spaces. One way to make stairs more useful would be to also use them as storage. There are multiple ways to do this including shelves, cabinets, pull-out drawers, or even a reading nook! Another option is to ditch stairs completely, and replace it with a ladder. A ladder takes up significantly less space yet still allows you to reach loft. This was the ideal solution for the small studio apartment we recently created.

Corner Shelves

Working with limited space means that you need to utilize all the room you can. One way to accomplish this would be to design triangle shelves vertically in any small corners. This can be a fun design statement as well as serve as a bookshelf or a place for family knick-knacks.

Open Shelf Storage

By incorporating open shelf storage with clean lines and no visible supports, you can maintain the open and tidy feeling of your home, all while adding valuable storage space. Open shelf storage will draw eyes upward – making the space feel larger. When using this type of shelving, the shelves are more streamlined and make it easier to find what you need quickly, and more importantly, will assist you in staying more organized! If additional storage is needed, small complimenting baskets can be placed on the shelf to hide clutter, all while adding a pop of color or texture.

Just because you are working with a smaller space, that doesn’t mean your dream decor is for your home has to be compromised. A little imagination and ingenuity can personalize and maximize the storage space for your efficient small space. Whether you’re needing efficiency design solutions or renovations on a grander scale, the Strobel Design Build has you covered!