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By May 12, 2016September 19th, 2018Strobel Design Build News

Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay is an organization with the mission to help low-income families regain control of their life by providing materials, labor and time to fix their homes. A member of the Board of Directors is none other than our President and Founder, Don Strobel. While Don has a passion for designing, building and remodeling homes by leading our team, he also has a big heart for helping others. When Don isn’t working on our clients’ homes, he is most likely donating his time and expertise to help individuals within our community, ensuring that they have a structurally sound and healthy environment to call home.

Don_RTTB day

Mayor Buckhorn and Don Strobel at Rebuild Day with Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay

Strobel provides its customers with prestigious updates to their homes. Most of their clients have used Strobel’s services before, and are returning to have more projects completed on their home. Clients have said, “… Strobel’s success is predicated on his ‘hands on’ project management and attention to every detail of the job…” Similarly, home repair recipients have said, “it’s something that I really need and I’m happy I can receive this help.” Don carries this same dedication to the projects he participates on through Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay. Don, collaborating with like-minded groups and individuals within the community, work towards the same goal – Strengthening both lives and our community, while “respecting the integrity, strengths, and assets of all people.” Over the past 25 years, the organization has helped over 150,000 American homeowners.

April 30th was National Rebuild Day. More than 52 organizations, including Tampa’s Mayor Buckhorn and the Board of Directors, came together with the organization to make the day a huge success. Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay hosted the kickoff in North Tampa Park and began by sharing information on the organization’s wonderful vision: “A safe and healthy home for everyone in our community.”

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Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay Board of Directors and Mayor Buckhorn

Charity work doesn’t just benefit the receiver, but also the ones putting in the sweat, planting and removing the nails in the foundation of the build. Knowing the positive impact the projects will have on the homeowner is an unexplainable feeling to those involved with Rebuild Together Tampa Bay. The organization’s current projects include the Building a Healthier Sulphur Springs (BAHSS). The goal of this project is to create safer communities by updating the neighborhood itself, a bold goal and even more excellent idea.

Rebuilding Together is a national organization, and is always looking for interested volunteers to become active in their initiative. Volunteers can be individuals, small companies, or organizations. People of any age may participate with Rebuilding Together – at the recent Rebuild Day in Tampa, Don was excited to see youth within the community involved! Individuals must fill out an application and release form. Volunteers are placed according to skill level and the individuals’ interest – it doesn’t matter what you do, all the work completed will be and is very much appreciated. For those who don’t have time to volunteer, monetary donations are accepted on the organization’s website.

Picture 1

Mayor Buckhorn at Rebuild Day with Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay

For more information on Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay, volunteer and donation opportunities, visit Let’s transform our community together!