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Earlier this month, the team at Strobel Design Build got together for a team bonding boat day! Almost all of our team members attended a fun-filled day where we rented a 52-foot catamaran sailboat and took it out onto Tampa Bay!

The team at Strobel Design Build participated in multiple team-building activities while enjoying spending time catching up with each other! As an added bonus, members from our field crew and office personnel were in attendance and had the chance to spend some quality time together — something we are only able to all do together on the rarest of occasions!

Company Culture

On the way out of the dock and onto the water, several of the Strobel Design Build team members helped hoist the mainsail. This small act of working together is a true reflection of our team culture at Strobel Design Build. Our president, Mark, alongside founder Don Strobel, Superintendent Troy, and our newest team member Michael, all worked together to hoist the mainsail on our way out into Tampa Bay; a wonderful way to kick off a wonderful day.  We truly believe in working together and lifting each other up, because we are a family.

Our team at Strobel Design Build truly believes in supporting each other, from management to office personnel to field crew. Our entire team takes pride in the work that we do to bring our clients’ visions to life. We work together as a family, and although our team may have differing opinions at times, at the end of the day, we can all come together and appreciate each other’s abilities while enjoying some of Kitchen and Bath Designer Stephanie Zanow’s famous vegan Italian meatballs (which she did bring on the boat for everyone to enjoy)!

Everyone on the Strobel Design Build team is passionate about what we do and puts our entire heart and soul into every project we complete. It has been quite some time since we were all able to get together for a team bonding day, and we cannot wait to do it again!

If you are ready to work with the Strobel Design Build family on your home remodeling project, contact us today!