Spring Design Trends

By April 14, 2016September 19th, 2018Design Trends

Spring is upon us, and so is the flood of color, the days of sunshine that St. Petersburg is so commonly known for, and the pressure to revamp your space and make it more seasonally appropriate. At Strobel Design Build we always love incorporating the latest seasonal trends into our clients’ homes:


Statement Mirrors


Because who doesn’t love a mirror that will make more of a statement than an 8 foot Pollock piece? Mirrors with big, thick moldings or borders are all the craze this season; so slap them on your hallway walls, your living room, or your dining room for a conversation starter. They’ll even make that tiny guest bathroom seem bigger than it actually is.


Mixed Materials in Kitchens

Mixed Materials

While some people are afraid to mix materials in the same room, there are ways to subtly mix materials in your kitchen without causing an eyesore. Update your cabinet hardware with soft-brushed gold handles, while keeping your kitchen sink stainless steel and your overhead light fixture copper. Adding raw materials and exotic woods to your quartz-predominant kitchen is also an alternative to mixing materials without them clashing.


Patterned Fabrics


Skip the solids and have some fun! Spring 2016 has allowed for the inclusion of bold- patterned prints throughout the home…The bigger the print, the better! This year, ditch the paisley and the lace, and gear your patterned efforts more towards fabrics that create one big statement piece. Make sure to keep your color palette bright to stay in sync with the season.




You’ve seen Edison bulbs emerge like never before, especially in restaurants and boutiques, and there’s no need for you to use them throughout your home as well. Take chandeliers to the next level and get creative with them. A lighting piece can be the center of attention in a room, and the larger it is, the better. Switch out your conventional light fixture and install one that will not only be functional but decorative as well.


Waterfall Edge Countertops


Typically used on kitchen islands, waterfall edge countertops are ones that seamlessly connect the floor to the table portion of the countertop.  Sliding over the edge with the same material as the one on top, these countertops are extremely elegant, and most importantly, extremely easy to clean. Stunning quartz, marble, or even wood are all options to revamp your kitchen island.


White Kitchens


A trend that never goes out of style. Not only are white kitchens classic and timeless, but they also provide an empty canvas for all the upcoming seasons. This Spring, replace your colored kitchen with a clean, white concept, and rather than switching up the wallpaper or wall color every season, change out your drapery and add in some floral accents that will enhance the season’s greetings.


The flowers, the sunshine, and the endless weekends on the beach are all some of our favorite aspects of Spring here in St. Petersburg, Florida, but what better way to bring the season into your Florida home than with bright color, patterned fabrics and edgy accents? Not quite sure which Spring trend(s) would be best in your home? Leave it to Strobel Design Build, and our expert design team will discuss your style preferences, determine the best materials and products for your room, and design your dream space!