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If you are considering making a change or two (or twelve) to your home, it’s safe to say you’d like to either align your home more with your personal tastes or increase its sticker price in preparation for a move. But the two do not need to be mutually exclusive! Here are just a few examples of how new additions can add value to your home not just in the eyes of potential buyers – but in yours as well.

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What does ‘curb appeal’ mean to you? Have you taken a good look at your home from two or three houses down the block? If a passing car on the street doesn’t get a good vibe from your home’s exterior, neither will a young couple looking to settle into their first house. First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to perceived value. That’s why we will begin with outdoor renovation options – to get potential buyers (and dinner guests) through the door and excited to see what the inside has to offer.

A well maintained driveway and sidewalk can act as a funnel to your front door. But first, you have to assess your current situation. Are you looking to enhance or replace what you’ve already got? If they’re in decent shape but don’t turn heads like you want them to, enhance your sidewalk and driveway with decorative edging, flower beds or ambient lighting. Some poorly maintained entrances can require complete unheaval and a start from square one. It’s a sizeable but extremely necessary renovation. It provides an opportunity to make the landing strip of your home everything you’d like it to be and everything potential buyers need it to be – assuming you’d like them to check out the inside before heading off to look at the next house.

Working our way closer to the home itself, adding an outdoor entertainment space is a great way to add functional square footage to your home along with the appeal of being able to host cookouts and dinner parties.


If there is one room that will make or break a home’s overall value, it’s the kitchen. A stylish, functional kitchen will make cooking and entertaining enjoyable for you and your family – sure. But, if a move is on the horizon, making it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves cooking next year’s Thanksgiving dinner in their beautiful, newly renovated kitchen will give you a lot more selling power as a homeowner. Add a little value with a new coat of paint or by changing out dated appliances and light fixtures. Looking to take it a step further? Give your countertops and cabinetry a makeover. The world of interior design is currently all about granite, but don’t overlook concrete and different types of stone for that earthy look so many homebuyers are looking for.

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There are several reasonable ways to go about adding value to your home – whatever the motive. Here at Strobel Design Build, we want you to be comfortable with your home, as well as its strength on the market should you choose to sell in the near future. Call us at 727.321.5588 to schedule a consultation and see how we can help make your next renovation worth every penny!