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Are you tired of your kitchen? It’s probably time to breathe new life into it with a kitchen remodel. From designing a kitchen with space-saving features to making a room you love to come home to, there are plenty of reasons to re-do your kitchen. It can even add up to $20,000 to your home’s value! But it’s no easy job! There’s a lot to think about, from who to bring on your team to the design of your new kitchen. For help, take a look at our guide to kitchen remodeling in St Petersburg, FL. 

Set a Budget

There’s no doubt that kitchen remodeling is expensive. To stop you from having to quit half-way through, it’s crucial you’re realistic about your budget. Look at what you need, how much remodels usually cost, and what you can spend.

You can look at where you could cut corners, like switching up real wood flooring for a laminate alternative to save a bit of money. But don’t scale down your budget too much. That’ll just restrict your kitchen remodel and could even force you to stop if you run out of cash.

On top of a realistic budget, we recommend adding an extra 10-20%. This is to cover any unexpected costs that acts as an excellent financial cushion.

Do Some Design Research

If you’re redesigning your kitchen, inspiration is always useful! Check out what others have done for savvy space-saving tips or wall color ideas. Here are a few ways to find design inspiration:

  • Search for ‘kitchen remodeling near me’ to see examples of projects close by
  • Buy home magazines for informative articles and plenty of design ideas
  • Set up a Pinterest to store the designs you love
  • Research problems you have with your current kitchen for innovative solutions, such as maximizing cupboard space or making your space seem larger

Research is at the heart of every good project, so make sure you spend time on this!

Find a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor 

The team that helps you build your kitchen is crucial. They’ll take your designs from idea to reality, using their knowledge to transform your kitchen. 

When finding your team, make sure you check past customer reviews to see what their clients thought of them. You should also make sure you can see pictures of past projects and communicate with them before hiring. Make sure you click with the team, too – they’ll be in your home for some time!

If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling in St Petersburg, meet our team at Strobel. 

Consider Going Green

Our planet is important, so why not consider making your project a little greener? You should think of this as you design to make sure your home remodeling in St Petersburg has as low of an impact on the planet as possible. 

From using energy star appliances to installing rainwater collection systems, take a look at ways you can make your kitchen remodel more eco-conscious

Kitchen Remodeling in St Petersburg FL

If you want to re-do your home, why wait? Get in touch with our team about kitchen remodeling in St Petersburg, FL, and let’s turn your ideas into reality.