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There’s a lot to consider when deciding whether or not to commit to a kitchen remodel. So we’ve put together a checklist to help you figure things out. Simply check yes or no in response to each question.

Kitchen Remodel

Yes No

Is there adequate floor space?

Do I have adequate counter space?
Do I have adequate cabinet space?
Are any objects, furnishings, or finishings taking up too much space?
Is there room for more than one cook (or helper) in food prep and stove areas?
Does my current setup allow for entertaining and hosting?
Is my kitchen safe for children?
Can my children reach where their food and drinks are stored?
Is my kitchen safe for pets?
Is my kitchen accessible to cooks, guests, or family members with disabilities?
Can people of all sizes and heights safely use my kitchen?
Will I still be able to fully enjoy this kitchen as I age?
Do my appliances use energy efficiently?
Does my current design allow for easier future remodels and improvements?
Have I repaired any problems in finishes?
Have I fixed or replaced all broken or outdated appliances?

If you’ve answered a majority of the above yes, your kitchen is in good shape and may only need an adjustment or two. If most of your answers were no, it’s time to start thinking about a more significant kitchen remodel.

To get you started, here are some measurements suggested by our kitchen design experts.

Kitchen Measurement Guide

Countertop Frontage: 158 inches (about 13 feet)

Depth: 2 feet

Clearance (Above): 15 inches

Microwave Ovens Maximum 54 inches above the floor

About 3 inches below shoulder height of the primary user

Doorways 32-34 inches
Universal Design Measurements For kitchens, we recommend this checklist.

Any kitchen renovation should be undertaken with expert guidance to ensure safety. Plus you may need to obtain additional permits or perform inspections if you’re planning a build or a significant overhaul. Working with Strobel Design Home means you can tackle your kitchen remodel with confidence.


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