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We can all agree that a little change never hurt anybody. At Strobel Design Build, we welcome it. When thinking about where to begin, we like to ask the question: Where do we find ourselves the majority of the time? The answer is usually obvious – the kitchen! We want you to take advantage of your space and use it to its fullest potential. When cooking, you want the kitchen to be comfortable and accessible with enough counter space for your prep items or even to eat at on a busy day. The possibilities are endless, and we can collaborate together from start to finish on your dream kitchen.

1. The Kitchen

Kitchen islands are a fan favorite. People often gravitate toward them whether it be during a dinner party, while you’re cooking dinner, or hosting your friends for a wine night. Fifty percent of buyers consider it a must-have. Often the visual anchor in the space, it also increases a kitchen’s efficiency by adding storage and more counter space. Not all islands are created equal, so choose the design that fits your taste and experiment with different materials like Cambria marble, granite, wood, concrete, quartz and more. If you want to up the ante, add a built-in wine cooler for that signature look your guests will surely take note of.

We aren’t done yet! Go a step further with a customized backsplash to tie it all together. Cambria has a plethora of tiles to choose from, ensuring you never settle. Another key component to most kitchen remodels is the cabinets. Thanks to Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., there are a multitude of designs to choose from, and today’s homeowners aren’t afraid to color outside of the lines, so to speak. You can make your cabinets the star of the show by choosing a nontraditional color like blush pink or turquoise, or opt for classic, clean white cabinets for a timeless space. If you want your space to remain updated while also giving off a more vintage vibe, you can incorporate signature items like a Smeg fridge, industrial or old-school light fixtures, or copper hardware.

2. The Bathroom

Understanding return on investment is very important in today’s day and age. Though some renovations may seem deep in your pockets now, renovating a kitchen adds value to your home. You would be surprised to know that investing in redoing your bathrooms could actually make a profit in the long run. The privacy of a bathroom is a precious thing to many homeowners and for home buyers. Its quality and design can be a make or break deal for many.

Whether it is large and spacious or cute and petite, options are available for each one. A change in design can open possibilities like optical illusions to give a small unit a bigger feel. Staying ahead of the game on what is in and what’s not always gives you the upper hand. A cool new item is our linear drain. Showers and sinks have come with their basic circular drains for long enough. You might have already seen the new design around,  so why not implement it in your own home. Floor tiling is also a big hit that you can customize according to color, material, and patterns. Don’t let that change go unnoticed; implement an ultramodern glass shower that will add a spa-like experience to your room.


Strobel Design Build wants to be top of mind when you think “redesign.” Call us at 727-321-5588 to schedule an appointment or email for more information on how to get the most bang for your buck when remodeling or updating your home!