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At Strobel Design Home, we’re not shy about our love for design-build construction. It’s the way we do business for a reason. But if you’re only familiar with the traditional construction approach (known as design-bid-build) you may be hesitant to try something new.

Design-Build: Is It Right for You?

We understand. While your build is your choice, it may be helpful to consider a few factors when deciding whether to use design-build or the traditional approach.

Are you watching industry trends? If so, you’ll notice that design-bid-build construction has been declining for more than two decades, and it already accounts for close to 40% of new builds (for this and other relevant research, check out the Design-Build Institute of America).

Are You a Future-Focused Person?

There are a lot of cookie-cutter homes out there [think: the suburbs in Edward Scissorhands]]. The customization inherent in most design-build projects goes a long way toward adding value to your home.

Do You Prefer a Single Point of Contact?

Design-Build teams are integrated: designers, builders, and everyone on their teams are working from the same contract. They are aware of the same overarching goals and are working on the same timeline.

Working with Strobel, homebuilders get a building concierge to serve as their single point of contact and communicate with everyone on the design-build team.

Do You Have Well-Defined Guidelines for Projects?

The holistic nature of a design-build contract (and the team collaboration), means your timelines and budget will be more fixed, and the date of your completion more certain, than it’s likely to be with a traditional approach.

Since people from every phase of the project are involved from start to finish, your home is built efficiently. Everyone will know the costs and challenges they and their team members will face upfront— which means no unexpected surprises.

Do You Need Increased Accountability?

Since the design-builder bears the weight of responsibility for project completion, there is greater accountability across the board.

While every homeowner is different when it comes to accountability, oversight, and strategy of their home build.

Design-build puts you at the forefront of your building process while removing the overwhelm of communicating with multiple teams working on individual projects, each with their own budgets and deadlines.

You can see your dream home built with precision, designed with integrity, and realized through collaboration.


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