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Before you begin the design-build process for your home construction or remodel, you should be equipped and informed every step of the way.

Here are our recommended questions to guide your design-builder interviews:

Design-Build 101

Philosophy and Values:

  1. Where can I view a portfolio or a virtual tour?
  2. What experience does your team have with [your type/style of build or remodel]?
  3. Describe your company culture and the culture of your design-build teams.
  4. Who is on your team? Tell me about their experience, special certifications, and expertise.
  5. Is anyone LEED-certified?
  6. Do you value energy-efficiency?
  7. Given what you know about my project, would you assemble a new team or work with an existing team.
  8. Tell me about any awards/accolades your firm and/or your design teams have won for their work.
  9. What philosophies and values guide your work? How do you put them into practice on a build?
  10. What is your artistic/architectural inspiration?
  11. Tell me about your vendors and how you select them.

Process and Execution:

  1. Please describe your bidding process: how do you ensure its accuracy?
  2. How are your site assessments conducted?
  3. Tell me about the different phases of a construction project.
  4. Who is my point-person for this project and what type of experience do they have with the design-build process?
  5. May I contact a few of your past clients and vendors to discuss their perspective on the process?
  6. Tell me about your history of project delivery. How often are they on schedule?
  7. How do you contend with delays and setbacks? How do you prepare for them in advance?
  8. What is your experience with emergency or time-sensitive projects?
  9. If something needs to change, what does that process look like?
  10. Tell me about your safety protocols and record.

Client Relations:

  1. How and when do you communicate with clients throughout construction?
  2. How involved do you expect the client to be throughout the process?
  3. What paperwork is required of clients? Which aspects does your team take care of?
  4. Will I receive training or resources to assist my involvement during construction?


  1. What are your follow-up procedures?
  2. Will I be provided with compliance documents, records, and other resources or training needed to properly maintain my build.
  3. How would the present project plan allow for future improvements and expansions?
  4. Describe how you maintain client relationships over time.

While any build or renovation is daunting, knowing what to ask of your design-builder goes a long way toward instilling confidence across the process. We hope this interview will guide you to the right builder for your project.