Coastal Remodels with Strobel Design Build

By August 4, 2016September 19th, 2018Strobel Design Build News

While few things surpass a beautiful coastal remodel, homes that are in flood zones come with their own set of rules and regulations. If you are looking into remodeling a coastal home, the FEMA 50% Rule is something that you should be familiar with. The FEMA 50% Rule states that, if a property is damaged more than 50% or if an owner wants to make substantial improvements, which exceed 50% of the fair market value of the structure only (not including the land), the owner will be required to bring the building into compliance with the NFIP regulations and town ordinance requirements for new construction. While this rule is something that your contractor will explain to you in more detail if it applies, as a homeowner it is important to go into the remodel knowing what constitutes as FEMA-compliant remodel.


If you know that this rule is likely going to apply to you, it is important to choose a contractor that has experience in dealing with FEMA compliance issues and developing FEMA compliance strategies for waterfront homes in your community. Ultimately, by being in accordance with FEMA guidelines, your home will be less prone to water damage and will ideally save you money in the long run. For more information on FEMA and their defined flood zones, visit

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These guidelines, while important, do not have to negatively impact the aesthetic of your home remodel. Strobel Design Build has completed numerous coastal remodels in accordance with FEMA regulations, all of which turned out beautifully. Alongside the design concepts and components required for a successful remodeling project, there is also a multitude of “behind the scenes” activities that your contractor must address in order to insure the success of the overall project. Strobel Design Build has been a leader in navigating the complex process for many years. We have remodeled dozens of FEMA zone homes over the last 30+ years and know what it takes to design a project that complies and gives you the greatest value. Repairs and reconstruction provide opportunity for several modifications in homes, thus making them less susceptible to flood damage. To avoid the possibility of flood damage, take into consideration the idea of additions. Additions can increase square footage or the external dimensions of homes.


While the FEMA 50% rule mainly applies to large-scale home renovations, there are still increased regulations when doing any coastal remodel. For this reason, even if you are only planning on doing a lower-scale remodeling project on your coastal home, it is very important to still use the expertise and guidance of a professional. The experts here at Strobel Design Build are here to help you with renovations of all sizes. The safety and integrity of your home is not a place for compromise, especially while living on the water. To find out more information about FEMA building regulations, coastal remodels, or any general questions, feel free to call our expert designers at 727-321-5588 or send an email to with any inquiries.