You’ve probably heard it before – knocking on wood is supposed to bring you luck. Well, let’s just say that in this case, it just might. Expert real estate agents, architects, and interior designers tell us that adding wood elements into your home can be a great thing for you and your family, specifically your children. Before you become turned off by the idea, remember that children’s stories like The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe taught us that there’s magic in adding wood to a room. Although we aren’t advocating purchasing a new closet for your young one, we do think that adding wood to their bedroom can provide a new look that will make them want to turn off Netflix and open up their books. Studies show that making the slightest changes in your immediate environment can boost productivity and enthusiasm, attributes that we would expect nothing less from the demographic dubbed “our future.”

Hit the Floor

Exchanging your little one’s carpet or tile flooring for wood- is a great way to lighten up their room. Wood colors, along with their durability, have evolved over time so your choices are not restricted to classic caramel brown or deep mahogany colors. You now have your bamboo greys and hickory vinyls taking over the market, both colors being excellent neutral tones that go well with an array of bright colors and whimsical posters that often fill up the rooms of youngsters. You can also allow for your child to have a voice in selecting the color that best defines their personality when looking over colors for their floor. Treat it as a fun activity that everyone can be a part of! Another bonus of wood flooring is that it’s hypoallergenic and manageable, which not only benefits your child but you as well.

Up, up and away

Wood ceilings are something your child can marvel at before they close their eyes at night, or as soon as they open them in the morning. With sleep deprivation being more common than not, many young ones are saying that they need posters or fixtures to help them fall asleep. Consider wood ceilings as a win-win because it’s a more personalized and permanent solution. The options are endless, and we personally love creating unique custom interior designs!



Not ready for a drastic change? Try adding wooden pieces to your child’s room. An antique wooden bookshelf, desk, or side table are small items that can make a big impact.


These are just a few tips that can help transform your child’s room from a space of rest to a productive hideaway.