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Perhaps you’re expecting or adopting. Maybe your recent college graduate is returning home. Or perhaps it’s time to welcome the grandparents for an extended stay now that they’re retired. Whatever the case, your family is growing, and so is your home.

Home Expansion Ideas

You may be looking to add a multipurpose room, or you may have something specific in mind:

Kitchen Addition: More people means more food prep, more dining space, and more cleanup. A kitchen expansion can help you tackle it all without the overwhelm of being in too small a space.

Family Room: Bring everyone together for movie nights, game nights, family milestones, and holiday traditions.

More Bedrooms: Too many little ones to share one or two rooms? Lots of out-of-town family and friends? It may be time to add another bedroom or guest room to the mix.

Nursery: New bundle of joy on the way? Adding a nursery away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home allows for a unique space to nurture your baby during those first, unforgettable years.

Mother-in-Law Suite: Your parents (and in-laws) have spent decades showing hospitality and taking care of others. When it’s your turn to return the favor, showing them you care with a beautiful mother-in-law suite offers comfort and privacy while adding to the beauty and value of your home.

Rec Room: Whether it’s a for a pool table or a craft table, a rec room gives everyone a safe, fun place to play while keeping the toys (and the noise) from taking over the house.

Things to Consider When Expanding the Home

Along with the purpose of your addition, there are things to consider before committing to your expansion project:

  • How large do you need the addition to be?
  • Where would the addition be located?
  • How does the shape of your home/layout of your property affect your options?
  • Do you want it to match the style of the rest of your home, or to make a statement?

Customizing Your Add-on

Our expert designers have some suggestions for customizing your add-on:

Attach to the Back of the Home: Connecting your interior to your outdoor space via a back-of-house addition is a great way to enjoy all aspects of your home. This type of addition works well for older homes, and for kitchen/family room projects.

Different Materials are OK: You don’t have to use the identical material to the rest of your home. In fact, it could overinflate your budget, which is never ideal. Adding a wood addition to a brick home creates a lovely aesthetic with fewer project roadblocks— and without breaking the bank.

How different these materials are, and where your addition is placed, depends on how dramatic a statement you want to make.

Looking for something more subtle and functional? Complementary materials on the back of the house are likely a good fit. Ready to make your home a show-stopper? Plan your addition for the front or side of the home, with striking, contrasting materials.

Less Can Be More: Make sure the scope (and appearance) of your addition doesn’t overwhelm the existing structure. You can do this with a series of small additions and enclaves, rather than one large block.

Light on the Subject: While most all additions require some electrical, building to maximize natural light can make your new room a refuge when you need to unplug.

Consider a Jewel Box Approach: Your addition could reflect the growing trend of jewel box homes: a smaller space with sophisticated amenities, and an open layout.

Think Outside the House: Adding a pavilion, gazebo, or sunroom in lieu of another indoor space is a great way to enjoy all the natural beauty of your property, and all the benefits of reconnecting with the outdoors.

Onward and Upward: If you live in an urban area, or on a smaller lot, a vertical (2nd-floor) addition is a great way to add more space, with fewer headaches.

What Does Home Expansion Do?

A home addition allows you to stay in the home you love and build something that reflects a unique character. Plus it gives your family more opportunities to be together, your visiting guests greater comfort, and your home better resale value.

Every remodeler is different. Find out what our unique expertise can bring to your home addition project: let’s schedule an interview.

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