Entire House

NARI CotY Awards 2019
Entire House $500,001 – $750K

This home sits just blocks from the urban downtown area, yet the owners of this 1930’s historic home wanted to feel as if they are in their own little paradise. Situated on a large lot with plenty of backyard and ally access, we were able to give them that secluded oasis in the city. 

The 2300 sf existing home was fully renovated, including two bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas. Adding space for visiting family and friends was accomplished through an addition off the back of the house. The addition included indoor and outdoor living space, leading to a new two car garage with an apartment above. Enveloping the addition around the pool gives the owners a secluded feel, even though the neighbors are just feet away. Final touches such as lush landscaping and the subdued grey tones on the house give this historic gem in the city a 5-star resort ambiance.

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