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As we are quickly approaching the end of 2016, it is the perfect opportunity to update your kitchen. Over the last 18 years the Strobel Design Build team has demonstrated our design expertise continuously by receiving numerous local and national design awards from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), Qualified Remodeler, Chrysalis Awards, and more. The Strobel Design Build team has compiled a few of our favorite kitchen trends of this upcoming year – we can’t wait to incorporate into your homes!

Mixed Materials


In the design world, there is continuous discussion on whether one should mix and match anything from fabrics, to patterns and even raw materials used. Mixing materials in your kitchen can be stunning if executed correctly. Envision this: white cabinets in the majority of your kitchen paired with an oversized island featuring darker colored cabinets. To downplay the harsh contrasting tones, we would likely choose a beige-brown granite or solid surface for your countertops. Incorporating mixed materials in your kitchen gives you the best of both worlds and joins the contrasting tones in perfect harmony.

Under-Cabinet Lighting


The addition of under-cabinet lighting is a subtle touch that brings many benefits to the heart of your home. The discreet lighting option is extremely energy-efficient, as it allows you to use fewer lights in the kitchen. Another pro of under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen is that they really brighten up your countertops – making it easier to read those recipes, and less likely for you to knick your finger! This simple lighting option will showcase the little details that make up your kitchen in a big way.

All White Kitchens


All white kitchens are truly a trend that will never go out of style. The utilization of a white décor creates an optical illusion of depth in your kitchen. Plus, all white kitchens work with any flooring material! White kitchens are essentially a blank canvas that can be slightly altered with the seasons throughout the year. It’s easy to bring in pops of color with vases, towels, flowers, or even a bowl of fruit!

Waterfall Edge Countertops


(Via Dekton)

Marble countertops are a classic kitchen element, so why incorporate it into your kitchen in an eye-catching way? Commonly used on kitchen islands, waterfall edge countertops create a seamless line by having the counter material run vertically down the edge of the island to the floor. Waterfall edge counters are here to stay – helping kitchens everywhere maintain sleek and clean lines.

Copper Accents


Copper is a unique alternative to the traditional stainless steel hardware in the kitchen. Copper can be used in exposed pipes as decoration, as an accent side to an island or even as a mid-century modern backsplash.

Detailed Backsplashes


Backsplashes are a great area of the kitchen for your personality to shine! It can be simple, ornate, or eclectic. Backsplash materials can vary from mosaic tiles, subway tiles, natural stone or glass, to even copper sheets. The endless possibilities allow for a creative touch to the focal point of your kitchen.

The design elements and products used in your kitchen depend on your lifestyle. Our expert project designers will meet with you to discuss your unique tastes and determine which products and materials are best fit for your lifestyle, incorporating them into your kitchen in the most ideal way possible. To find out more information about these kitchen trends or for project inquiries, call us at 727.321.5588. Let Strobel Design Build create the kitchen of your dreams!